Monday, 23 April 2012

Crazy Facebook Status: Messages And Sayings

The quote at the top gives you all the info you really need, but to summarise, all uber-successful people are seen as being crazy. "Laughs while looking at phone" , What's so funny?, Nothing... well, a friend of mine on Facebook... look at this status update... it's hilarious Haha  really Hang on, I am on Facebook too. I will send you an invite, ok.

The reality is that only the crazy ideas are the ones that never do change the world, all the other ideas are simply incremental ideas. Some really amazing facebook status ideas are.

1) If a thoughtless thought is thought, would a thought thoughtlessly think of thoughtless thoughts whenever thinking thoughts are thoughtless? What a thought, eh?

2) It doesn’t matter what people say about you. It matters what you’re going to do to them after they say it!

3) Money is made of paper, paper is made of wood, and wood is made from trees. Therefore, money does grow on trees.

4) You must be a certified helmet wearing window licker to ride the sunshine bus..

5) when ever I hear the saying " Any thing is possible " I say : " Have you ever tried nailing Jell-O to a tree, slam a revolving door or chew air?Yea that's right.

6) Have you ever started laughing for no reason, then started laughing even harder because you were laughing for no reason? I Love those moments.

7) if there is 17 fish in a tank and 12 many fish survive??? NONE BECAUSE FISH CANT DROWN YOU SILLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE COUNTED.......

8) Today i jumped into a rabbit hole and tried to get to Wonderland and ended up... In a rabbit hole, how does Alice do it?

9) I'm not crazy. I asked the voices in my head & my imaginary friends and we all agree I'm sane :)

10) sicentsit ysa htat even wehn soem wrods rae mxied up uyo nca sitll raed htem is this true ?

11) loves driving down the road and just waving at random people like you know them!:D

12) Sometimes I look back on my past, and say, "Wow, was I always this nuts??"

13) I DID NOT LOSE MY MIND! I simply donated it to charity.
They needed it more than me anyway...

14) My colorful zebra is now a flying magical ninja...yeah your jealous!!!!!!!!!!

15) Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in my house. There were allot of spiders. spiders? I hate spiders. They drive me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once.

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