Thursday, 12 April 2012

Angry Facebook Status Ideas

Anger is never good can always harm you more than it can harm others. If you let anger overcome you, your inner demon will say that you don't care about the consequences. Ignore everything above, and ignore everything around you and just start counting from 1 till you are calmed down.

There are various reasons why people feel angry. Such external reasons make you stress every time when there are problems existing. The result of this is sometimes the feeling of anger. This will give you an idea on how you can alleviate anger and control yourself.

Angry Facebook Quotes:-

1) I don't play kid games, i play adult ones, the kind where the characters really do have bad things that happen to them, you sure you really wanna play?

2) Ever notice that the more you do for some people the less they appreciate it and the worse they treat you? I guess THEY have a problem or ARE the problem.

3) is pissed off...that is all you need to don't ask me "who or why" questions because if u do i won't be held responsible for my actions and/or words.

4) There is not enough words to describe how pissed off I am. Some people need to fall off the fucking earth. they are wasting my air, time and my life!

5) Why waste my energy in getting revenge when karma's a bigger bitch than me and they has directions! I'm just going to sit back and enjoy watching :)

6) Don't u just love when people post things on their page about u? Why don't u just grow a set of balls, and post it on MY page?

7) Don't you just love it, when somebody trys to make you jealous,they think its worked,and it really hasn't, and you feel like just laughing in their faces!!

8) i fuckin hate the sluts that don't under stand fuck off and keep to your own fuckin boyfriend just stay the fuck away from mine .

9) Tears run down my face as you wrap your arms around me, as blood runs down my back from the blade of your knife that found me.

10) Says that which won't kill me will make me stronger. Look out Hercules, because at the end of all of this I am going to be one strong bitch!

11) Sticks and stones may break your bones when there's anger to impart. Spiteful words can hurt your feelings, but silence breaks your heart.

12) Some people think they are very hard n bad but all you have to say is "fuck you u tramp suk balls u ain't hard for shit" and walk away LOL

13) says SCRRRRREEWWWWWW YOUUUUUUU to those people who use you when it suits them, then treat you like a piece of shit other times!

14) says "I can only please one person a day! Today is not your day and tomorrow isn't looking good either...Check back soon, it may not be your day for a while!

15) If you are not going to respect MY wishes, then why the hell should I respect yours?!

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