Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Facebook Status About Boys

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We share some of our Latest boys facebook status with you guts hope you guys really like it, and you can easily use it on your wall.

Collection of Boys statuses:-

1) thinks: why can't boys be like volleyball? You call "MINE" and everyone else backs off!

2) is saying OK maybe i think you like me, but i will never know for sure unless you tell me!

3) Wish one day that you would realize that the girl your looking for is me.I wish i was with you. I wish you needed me because I'll always be there.

4) wen i text u i get butterflies, wen u text me i smile so hard, wen i see u i get scared to talk..and wen i hug u...i never wan let go.

5) My love for you is unspoken..words can't describe how I feel about you! Your amazing..I can't ever stop thinking about you..cause your alwayss on my mind!ILY!

6) If you like me say it to me don't keep it to yourself and expect me to figure it out!!

7) I thought you were the one for me but I guess life's not a fairytale and you don't always get your knight in shining armour.

8) Im clumsy, shy, if u make me mad im nt scared to tell u...u hurt me i wont tell u but u better make damn sure ur ready to take on the people i do tell.

9) When I'm around you i don't say anything, but inside there's so much i wanna tell you

10) you once told me you loved me but now I'm starting to think it was a lie.

11) Memories come flooding back,your smile,your laugh,your touch. It brings a smile to my face,A tear to my eye,And an ache to my heart.

12) Gimme the guy with the rough hands, cowboy boots, dirty jeans, plaid shirts, cowboy hats, and ain't afraid to treat a girl right. That's my dream man.

13) boys are like lava lamps there fun 2 look at but they aren't always 2 bright

14) Your girlfriend thinks they is so lucky to have you. But does they know that you still want me?

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