Sunday, 15 April 2012

Facebook Status Annoyed Quotes

People that get angry with the smallest aggravation, or in many instances for no reason whatsoever, might very well have problems dealing with anger management.

There is no value at all to this post, it's not informative, it's not entertaining, it's not funny, clever or thought provoking. It's not even something interesting that happened to you, that you did or are doing.

Acknowledge your fans by hitting that Like button or thanking them for their comment/review. Be responsive to them as if you're real friends.

For others the symptoms will not be as serious. Many will become frustrated or annoyed easily over simple situations but will not reflect these feelings with extreme violence.

Annoyed Facebook Statuses are:-

1) They say things will be better tomorrow! Well, I have checked the calendar 3 flipping times and have yet to find a day marked Tomorrow!

2) is patient--people ALWAYS reap what they sow--if not right away, it'll happen eventually, and I'll be on the sidelines laughing my @$$ off.

3) someone i hate told me this long ass story today and you wanna know what i told them i told them i don't give a damn and walked away.

4) next time someone annoys you put up your hands and ask for a high five, when they use both hands, slap them in the face and say 'i wanted 5, keep the change'

5) thinks everyone should be allowed 1 free murder pass in their lifetime. I think it would eliminate alot of stupid people...Just sayin.

6) ever noticed how people can forget about the one person that was there for them when they needed a friend the most as soon as someone new comes in the picture?

7) Would like to say sorry! To all the people that I haven't offended or pissed off today! Look at the bright side there's always tomorrow!

8) I have rope, duck tape and a shovel. I've seen enough CSI to know how to kill you and make it look like unicorn did it. Now, what were you saying?

9) Some people in life are anchors. They try to pull you down with them. It can be hard, but sometimes it's best to cut the rope & let them sink themselves.

10) is fed up with how people think they can do as they wish. Well, Maybe they should think about others instead of themselves for a change.

11) Ever been so irritated and annoyed that you want to pull your hair out, stab yourself in the eye, and scream at the top of your lungs all at the same time?

12) knows a few people they wouldn't mind seeing tap dance on a mine field!!

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